February 17, 2022
minute read

How to Build Robust AI Systems with Towards Data Science

AI failure comes in more forms than you might think. Join Robust Intelligence CEO Yaron Singer as he breaks down all things AI risk, including silent failures and test-driven development.

Thank you for letting us share about our solution to all of the above, "AI risk is starting to get more attention these days, and new companies — like Robust Intelligence — are stepping up to develop strategies that anticipate AI failures, and mitigate their effects. Joining me for this episode of the podcast was Yaron Singer, a former Googler, professor of computer science and applied math at Harvard, and now CEO and co-founder of Robust Intelligence. Yaron has the rare combination of theoretical and engineering expertise required to understand what AI risk is, and the product intuition to know how to integrate that understanding into solutions that can help developers and companies deal with AI risk." Towards Data Science

The TDS Podcast is hosted by Jeremie Harris, who is the co-founder of Mercurius, an AI safety startup. Every week, Jeremie chats with researchers and business leaders at the forefront of the field to unpack the most pressing questions around data science, machine learning, and AI.


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