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Robust Intelligence protects enterprises from AI security and safety vulnerabilities using an automated approach to assess and mitigate threats.

Our platform includes an engine for detecting and assessing model vulnerabilities as well as the necessary guardrails to deploy safely in production.
Robust Intelligence team photoRobust Intelligence team photoRobust Intelligence team photo
Robust Intelligence team photoRobust Intelligence team photoRobust Intelligence team photo

What makes us different

Robust Intelligence was co-founded by Professor Yaron Singer and Kojin Oshiba in 2019 after years of robust machine learning research at Harvard University. The pair realized the significant gap between the state of AI and how data scientists use it in practice. They set out to solve the chronic problem of AI security, developing the industry’s first AI Firewall.

Since the journey began, the team has attracted exceptional talent working at the bleeding edge of AI and cybersecurity from companies including Amazon, Google, Lyft, Meta, Microsoft, Quora, Salesforce, and Uber. Our diverse and deeply experienced team has created the industry's first end-to-end platform for AI application security which is trusted by security and data science leaders at innovative companies worldwide.

Our approach to detecting vulnerabilities and protecting AI applications is based on proprietary technology developed over the past decade by our founding team. The Robust Intelligence platform combines proprietary algorithmic red teaming, threat intelligence pipeline, and policy mappings. These three components are used to create our model engine, which is responsible for generating examples of inputs that expose model and application vulnerabilities. This recurring process continuously improves our AI Validation and AI Protection products.

Our team

We come from diverse backgrounds and have decades of experience at the forefront of commercial and academic machine learning and cybersecurity.

Our technology

Our platform surfaces vulnerabilities in models throughout the AI lifecycle and protects AI applications in real time.

Our customers

We enable leading enterprises globally to realize the benefits of AI, safely and securely.

Our mission

We are on a mission to enable every organization in the world to adopt AI securely.

Our founders

image of a robust intelligence founder
CEO & Co-Founder
Yaron is the CEO of Robust Intelligence and was previously a Professor of Computer Science and Applied Math at Harvard. Yaron is known for breakthrough results in machine learning, algorithms, and optimization. Prior to Harvard, Yaron worked at Google Research and obtained his PhD from UC Berkeley.
image of a robust intelligence founder
Kojin Oshiba is a co-founder of Robust Intelligence. Kojin received his BA in Computer Science from Harvard and has published multiple papers on AI security that were accepted to premier AI conferences including ICML and NeurIPS. Kojin was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 for 2024.


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