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Our customers trust Robust Intelligence to assess security and safety vulnerabilities of AI models as well as provide the necessary guardrails to deploy applications safely in production, enabling them to accelerate development and unleash the true potential of AI.
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CrowdStrike delivers the future of cybersecurity powered by AI

CrowdStrike is a global cybersecurity leader whose platform is trusted by tens of thousands of businesses worldwide, including a majority of the Fortune 100. Given the applied benefits of AI in cybersecurity, CrowdStrike has made it clear that AI plays a critical role in the future of the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform.

Threat detection with AI makes it possible for CrowdStrike analysts to triage security incidents effectively at scale by assessing potentially malicious behavior, reducing false positives, and tracing adversarial changes. Because the reliability and integrity of these models are foundational to the business, CrowdStrike relies on Robust Intelligence for continuous validation.

Robust Intelligence enables CrowdStrike to identify and address risks at scale across the entire AI lifecycle. Comprehensive stress testing during development facilitates faster and more secure model deployment. Continuous automated validation delivers over one FTE savings for the CrowdStrike team while ensuring data and models remain operational and secure against adversarial efforts.

Sven Krasser

SVP, Chief Scientist
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“Artificial intelligence is and always has been fundamental to the CrowdStrike approach to cybersecurity. With Robust Intelligence, our teams are able to prioritize safety and security while developing AI applications at scale without impeding the pace of our innovation.”

Expedia sets sights on a safer future for AI travel technology

The transformative potential of artificial intelligence is already reshaping the travel industry as solutions like personalization and planning are reimagined from the ground up. As a global leader in travel technology, Expedia is at the forefront of adopting and implementing AI across their platform. With hundreds of unique models in production for purposes that include pricing, recommendations, and cancellation forecasting, Expedia chose Robust Intelligence to ensure the ongoing performance and security of its many AI applications.

Every machine learning model developed at Expedia integrates with a single platform for centralized management and monitoring. Robust Intelligence fits seamlessly into this CI/CD process, enabling disparate teams to standardize their testing practices for models in development and production. This makes it possible to identify and address risks and security vulnerabilities without impeding the pace of innovation, delivering over two data science FTE savings for the organization each year. At the same time, Robust Intelligence serves as a single platform for Expedia to measure and maintain compliance with relevant guidelines around AI quality and assurance.
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Dan Friedman

VP of Data Science
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“Expedia runs hundreds of models in production, developed by multiple teams, which serve hundreds of millions of predictions a day. Robust Intelligence helps standardize our pre and post-production AI testing practices, reducing time-to-production and the inherent risks associated with AI deployments.”

Sompo Japan leads the industry with company-wide governance based on risk validation

The use of retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) applications to add contextual data to LLMs is gaining popularity, and Sompo Japan is one of the companies developing one in-house. The leader of the development team at Sompo Japan, one of the largest insurance companies in Japan that is actively leveraging technology, made the decision to conduct a risk assessment with Robust Intelligence early in the development process to prepare for a future countrywide deployment.

Robust Intelligence's thoroughly designed tests uncovered several vulnerabilities that the development team did not initially expect, but that could occur in production. Test results and analysis by Robust Intelligence opened the way for further improvements to the system. The achievement of the risk assessment is not only useful within the development team. They are being used to help design AI guidelines that will be applied throughout the group companies. Sompo Holdings and Robust Intelligence are also working jointly to establish advanced company-wide AI governance based on risk validation.

Akiko Murakami

Chief Data Officer
Sompo Japan
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“With the wave of digitization sweeping through the insurance industry, Sompo Japan is proactively adopting AI and other technologies while boldly transforming its conventional operations to realize a more secure, safe, and healthy world. The use of AI always entails risks, however we are undaunted by difficulties together with Robust Intelligence by controlling these risks appropriately, and continue to provide more value to our clients and world.”

NEC targets to provide safe and secure Japanese LLM of the highest quality

While many organizations have begun developing Japanese LLMs, it is rare for them to incorporate a third-party perspective to address the risk aspects. The most advanced in this regard is NEC, which, under the leadership of its CDO, is proceeding with development paying close attention to legal and technical risks. NEC has chosen Robust Intelligence to ensure the development of a safe and secure LLM via a comprehensive vulnerability assessment, so that it can be released quickly to Japanese companies and contribute to economic development.

Robust Intelligence's generated AI risk assessment was exactly what NEC's LLM needed. Test cases designed from a wide variety of perspectives and the extensive knowledge of Robust Intelligence engineers suggested guidelines for further performance improvement of LLM and customization for service deployment. Through collaboration with Robust Intelligence on this LLM Risk Assessment Project, NEC will provide industry- and business-specific models that have been risk assessed according to global standards.

Toshifumi Yoshizaki

Corporate Senior EVP & CDO
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“NEC has developed a Large Language Model (LLM) that boasts world-class Japanese language performance. This provides a highly specialized LLM usage environment for our customers. NEC is currently working with Robust Intelligence to evaluate LLM performance and eliminate risk by combining our knowledge and technology. By delivering NEC's Japanese LLM that pursues the highest quality in terms of both performance and safety, we will accelerate the use of AI in various industries, driven by generative AI, and contribute to corporate innovation.”