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AI Security, Delivered

Real-time protection and validation of AI models and data.

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The Problem

AI introduces business risk

AI exposes organizations to new security, ethical, and operational risks. Generative AI only exacerbates the problem. Securing your AI against threats and meeting regulatory requirements calls for a new paradigm.
The Solution

Protect AI models in real-time

Robust Intelligence secures enterprises from AI risk. Our platform protects models in real time and surfaces risk in models and data throughout the AI lifecycle via continuous validation. Enterprises using Robust Intelligence manage AI risk and unleash the true potential of AI, securely.

The Robust Intelligence platform:

Protects model inputs and outputs in real time
Validates model behavior with hundreds of tests
Exposes hidden model vulnerabilities with algorithmic red teaming
Natively supports Generative AI and all major modalities
Operationalizes AI risk management in compliance with all major AI regulations, guidelines, and frameworks

AI Firewall

Protects production models against attacks, operational and ethical threats, and undesirable responses via an API that validates inputs and outputs in real time.

Continuous Validation

Ensures AI models and data are validated as part of the AI lifecycle by surfacing weaknesses via automated red teaming, establishing a standardized audit record for their health, and tracking adherence to standards and regulatory compliance.

Technology partners

We open-sourced our AI Risk Database in partnership with MITRE ATLAS to tackle supply chain risk in third-party models.
Our technology partnership enables companies to test models natively within Databricks to protect companies from AI risk.
Our integration with MongoDB Atlas Vector Search allows companies to enhance LLM outputs while safeguarding against undesired responses.
Our integration enables Datadog customers to seamlessly monitor AI risk in real time in their preferred observability platform.
Key Stats

Proof points

Decrease in time-to-market for production generative AI applications
>1 FTE
Savings per model for validation across development and production
Of task-specific model validation tests