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Securing the AI Transformation

Achieve AI security and safety to unblock the enterprise AI mission.

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The Problem

Securing AI in enterprises is hard

The development of AI-powered applications exposes enterprises to new security and safety risks. These are typically the responsibility of different stakeholders, yet keeping up with novel AI threats requires domain expertise and collaboration. This is complicated by organizationally distributed AI teams using a variety of tools, the limited visibility to security teams, and the rapid advancement of AI technology.
Security Threat:
- Data Poisoning
- Prompt Injection
- Toxic OutputSecurity Threat Data PoisoningSecurity Threat Prompt InjectionSecurity Threat Toxic Output
The Solution

End-to-end security for AI applications

Robust Intelligence protects enterprises from AI security and safety vulnerabilities using an automated approach to assess and mitigate threats. The Robust Intelligence platform consists of two complementary components, which can be used independently but are best when paired together:

AI Validation

Automate evaluation of AI models, data, and files for security and safety vulnerabilities and determine required guardrails for secure AI deployment in production.

AI Protection

Guardrails for AI applications in production against integrity, privacy, abuse, and availability violations with automated threat intelligence platform updates.

Unblock the enterprise AI mission

Remove AI security blockers to deploy applications in minutes rather than months, years, or indefinitely.

Decouple AI development from AI security

Save your AI team’s time and GPU resources from model fine-tuning and retraining to firefight safety and security vulnerabilities.

Automate AI security excellence

Meet AI safety and security standards with a single integration, including NIST, MITRE ATLAS, and OWASP LLM Top 10.

Align AI security across stakeholders

Enable smooth collaboration and well-defined ownership of AI security and safety between AI, security, and compliance teams.

Protect against evolving threats

Identify novel, zero-day AI vulnerabilities by automatically blocking bad actors from exploiting AI-powered applications.

The engine behind the Robust Intelligence platform

Our approach to detecting vulnerabilities and protecting AI applications is based on proprietary technology developed over the past decade by our founding team. The Robust Intelligence platform combines proprietary algorithmic red teaming, threat intelligence pipeline, and policy mappings. These three components are used to create our model engine, which is responsible for generating examples of inputs that expose model and application vulnerabilities. This recurring process continuously improves our AI Validation and AI Protection products.

Robust Intelligence is shaping AI Security Standards

Co-developed the AI Risk Database to evaluate supply chain risk
Co-authored the NIST Adversarial Machine Learning Taxonomy
Contributors to OWASP Top 10 for LLM Applications
See how we make it easy to comply with AI security standards, including the OWASP Top 10 for LLM Applications.

Recognized for our pioneering work in AI Security

Poisoning 0.01% of data used by large models led to backdoors
Security vulnerabilities found in NVIDIA’s NeMo Guardrails
Algorithmic jailbreak of GPT-4 and Llama-2 in 60 seconds
ICML Test of Time Award for our work on data poisoning

Partnering across the ecosystem to deliver AI security

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Lena Smart

Chief Information Security Officer
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Generative AI introduces an unmanaged security risk, which is compounded when enriching LLMs with supplemental data. Robust Intelligence's AI Firewall solves this critical problem, giving enterprises the confidence to use LLMs at scale. Our partnership makes it easier for customers to use generative AI while also keeping their data secure with guardrails in place.

Roger Murff

VP of Technology Partners
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We are seeing rapid adoption of a lakehouse by companies that are forward-thinking about machine learning and AI. Machine learning integrity through continuous testing is one of the keys to their success. We're excited to partner with Robust Intelligence on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform to enable customers to fully realize the value of machine learning and AI.

Toshifumi Yoshizaki

Corporate Senior EVP and CDO
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NEC is currently working with Robust Intelligence to evaluate LLM performance and eliminate risk by combining our knowledge and technology. By delivering NEC's Japanese LLM that pursues the highest quality in terms of both performance and safety, we will accelerate the use of AI in various industries, driven by generative AI, and contribute to corporate innovation.