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The Problem

AI adoptionintroduces risk

AI is transformational, but exposes organizations to new security, compliance, and operational risks. These unmanaged risks necessitate a new paradigm to protect AI systems and meet regulatory requirements. This effort is a chief concern for security, data science, and compliance teams and executives.
Example of some errors that models may presentCornercase inputs model errorBroken data pipilines model errorBiased predictions model errorAdversarial inputs model errorUnexpected model behavior errorDistributional shift model error
Unexpected model behavior errorAdversarial inputs model errorCornercase inputs model errorBroken data pipelines model errorDistributional shift model errorBiased predictions model error
The Solution

Continuous Validation for AI Integrity

Robust Intelligence delivers end-to-end AI Integrity to protect organizations from AI risk. Through a process of continuous validation, our platform automates the testing of models and data throughout their lifecycle, delivering comprehensive AI risk prevention and simplifying compliance reporting.

Validate Pre-Deployment

Ensure proprietary and third-party models meet AI risk standards with automated testing and compliance.
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Validate Post-Deployment

Evaluate production models by detecting novel security risks and identifying anomalies with automated testing and alerting.
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Validate in Real Time        

Protect production models against undesirable outputs by wrapping them with AI Firewall to inspect inputs and outputs in real time.
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Proof Points
increase in data science team productivity through automated testing and monitoring of AI models
more models deployed into production per year
decrease in the mean time to resolution of production machine learning issues
reduction in cost and time for model compliance verification