Opportunities and Risks of AI in Insurance

We're privileged to bring you 'Opportunities and Risks of AI in Insurance,' a fireside chat with executives from Tokio Marine, Databricks, and Robust Intelligence. This discussion explores innovative applications of AI, paradigms needed to mitigate AI risk, and best practices to sharing data and establishing AI governance across an organization - both independently and collaboratively.

As the Group Chief Digital Officer for Tokio Marine, a multinational insurance holding company with over $50 billion in revenue, Masashi Namatame oversees the company’s digital transformation, of which AI is a cornerstone. Ali Ghodsi is the CEO of Databricks, a lakehouse platform that provides an open and unified platform for data and AI. Yaron Singer leads Robust Intelligence, a company that mitigates AI risk with an end-to-end machine learning integrity platform.

Robust Intelligence is correctly addressing the types of risks that we are going to face and correctly trying to deploy the needed services that any industry or corporation will require as they try to use data and AI better. That applies to our own company as well, because as an insurance company, we try to utilize AI across any part of our business processes, from customer marketing, proposals of insurance products, claims areas, fraud detections, underwriting, and so forth.

Masashi Namatame
Group Chief Digital Officer

Productionization is where the actual prediction happens live in real time. Is it a good prediction? Does it have problems? Is it different than when you thought when you made the model much earlier when the data scientist made the model six months ago? Are you seeing challenges? Those things are very, very important to customers, so it’s a great focus area for Robust Intelligence.

Ali Ghodsi
CEO & Co-Founder