The platform for securing AI deployment

Robust Intelligence Model Engine (RIME) integrates seamlessly into your AI life-cycle to eliminate its risks, allowing your data scientists to focus on the business needs.

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Robust Intelligence Model Engine

Eliminate operational risks throughout your AI pipeline

Identify Vulnerabilites

Preemptive model vulnerability assessment by exposing models to subtle changes in underlying data.

Test Model Behavior

Testing model performance on edge cases such as missing features, integer overflows, and poorly classified data points.

Detect Contaminated Data

Detect suspicious patterns and erroneous input in your data set and generate preemptive rules that easily integrate with your model.

Enterprise Ready

Containerized to deploy on-premise or in cloud
Custom extensions
connect existing filestores & databases
access control
highly Scalable
Applicable to many use cases

Stress test your model and expose its vulnerabilities