The platform for securing AI deployment

Robust Intelligence Model Engine (RIME) integrates seamlessly into your AI life-cycle to eliminate its risks, allowing your data scientists to focus on the business needs.

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Robust Intelligence Model Engine

Eliminate operational risks throughout your AI pipeline

ai stress test

Automated testing of pre-production models

RIME unit testing automatically tests pre-production models by running hundreds of unit tests and simulations that identify implicit assumptions and failures of the model

Prioritize developing models rather than unit testing

Make models production-ready in days, not months

Identify critical issues in model and data instantaneously


Real-time quality check of production models

RIME AI Firewall is a set of rules that protect the AI model in production from data that can cause critical errors. The AI Firewall generates a set of rules that protect the model from failures identified by AI Stress Tests

Receive confidence in results produced by models running in production

Dramatically reduce in-production debugging

Handle model and data quality issues instantly

Manage operational risks

Full visibility of model risks, across your team

Consolidate all of your data and model quality information. RIME platform allows you to compare model risk-levels in a single place

Standardize AI model testing throughout the organization

Gain full visibility on the models developed and running in production

Enterprise Ready

Containerized to deploy

on-premise or in any cloud
Extensible to leverage
custom extensions
Mountable to connect existing filestores, databases, and AI services
Secure partitioning and granular access control levels
Scalable to your requirements
Flexible to fit many AI applications

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