The Robust Intelligence Model Engine (RIME) helps your team secure your AI lifecycle and prevent AI Failure

AI Stress Testing

Detect Data + Model Failures Before Deploying to Production

Unsophisticated Model Validation Leads to AI Production Failure & Loss of Business Value

Data science teams may optimize for a single metric like accuracy, but this is inadequate to prevent AI Failure. Combatting AI Failure takes time and energy, taking effort away from advancing your business.

Stress Testing Helps Reduce Model Risk with Zero Effort

Run a comprehensive suite of hundreds of tests that automatically identify implicit assumptions and weaknesses of pre-production models

The Benefits AI Stress Testing Can Provide to Your Business

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Identify the root cause of model failures and suggestions on how to resolve the highest priority failures.

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Prioritize developing more models to solve business use cases rather than writing tests.

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Model production readiness in hours, not months.

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A standardized AI testing process that allows for easy collaboration and governance of model readiness and model compliance.

AI Firewall

Prevent Failures After Deploying Models to Production

Production AI = Garbage In, Garbage Out

Protect your production model in real-time: stop contaminated data from entering your AI system and alert on data drift and performance degradation.

AI Firewall Doesn’t Let Unpredictable Data Affect Model Predictions

With just a single line of code, you can protect your model with the AI Firewall. The AI Firewall is automatically trained on your model’s unique identified weaknesses. It detects and acts upon data errors in near real-time and alerts on adverse distributional drift.

The Benefits AI Firewall Can Provide to Your Business

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Reduce model downtime and boost model performance.

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Prevent drops in your business KPIs and end-user NPS.

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Reduce the time spent managing your input validation pipeline, and provides a second line of defense against unknown-unknowns errors.

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Alert on data and concept drift and allows for in-time model updates.

RIME Secures any ML Model

RIME has comprehensive testing frameworks for all common machine learning tasks. Apply the RIME framework across your entire organization and prevent AI Failure in all of your models.


Natural Language Processing

Computer Vision

Features to Transform
your ML Workflow

Robust Intelligence Model Engine (RIME) equips ML teams with a automated framework that minimizes the time they spend eliminating AI failures in pre-deployment and post-deployment models.

RIME intelligently identifies potential causes of AI failure and also provides capabilities that allow the user to easily prevent and resolve AI failures. At the same time, RIME provides core monitoring capabilities that allow the user to easily test, manage and govern ML models across the organization.

Standardized Reporting

Model Monitoring


Auto-configured Model Testing

Model Improvement Suggestions

Simple Root Cause Analysis

Enterprise Ready

Secure deployment icon

Secure Deployment

On-premise or in any cloud. Your data and models never leave your environment.
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Elastic Scalability

Containerized deployment scales to process production workloads on the order of billions of datapoints.

Access Controls

Secure partitioning and granular access controls to maintain internal standards.

Collaborative Tooling

Share results and robustness reports so that data science teams stay in sync.

Seamless Integrations

Robust Intelligence Model Engine offers native integrations into your Machine Learning development pipeline. Connect seamlessly with your data, with your model, via your platform.

Any data

Any model

Any platform

Eliminate AI Failure Today