Generative AI Risk Assessment

As a follow-up to our previous risk assessment report on Technology Innovation Institute’s Falcon-7B-Instruct, we’re excited to publish our report featuring its counterpart, the Falcon-40B-Instruct. We hope this report can offer additional insights to those who are looking to build and experiment with Falcon models.

The recent acceleration of AI advancements, coupled with the proliferation of open-source resources, have made sophisticated models widely accessible. LLMs and generative AI promise to be transformative for companies, but like all types of artificial intelligence, adoption caries specific risk.

Robust Intelligence applies a rigorous testing framework to any generative model and provides actionable steps to mitigate critical risks. The assessment will enable you to confidently harness the power of generative AI, while optimizing your AI systems and maintaining compliance. In this report, we showcase our findings in our standard format, which includes:

  • Full methodology for assessing security, ethical, and operational vulnerabilities
  • Key findings and why they matter
  • Report card with recommendations, adoption checklist, and deployment considerations

Contact us to learn more about mitigating Generative AI risk at contact@robustintelligence.com.

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