May 24, 2021
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Business Alliance with Tokio Marine

Case Studies
Today, we are proud to announce our partnership with Tokio Marine, one of the largest insurance groups in Japan. Together, we will promote AI security to the Japanese market and the insurance industry globally. Below is the full press release text, which can also be found on Tokio Marine's website (English, 日本語).

Business Alliance with Robust Intelligence, Inc. A Step Towards Building a Secure AI for Society

Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc. (President and Group CEO: Satoru Komiya, hereinafter referred to as "TMHD")  and Robust Intelligence, Inc. (CEO: Yaron Singer, Co-Founder: Kojin Oshiba, hereinafter referred to as "Robust Intelligence") announced that they have entered into a business alliance agreement to build a society with secure AI.

1. Background & Objectives

Recently, there has been a surge of companies implementing machine learning and AI technologies in domains such as image recognition, voice authentication, and fraud detection. These technologies brought tremendous advancements to our society. However, similarly to the spread of computers and the internet that led to the creation of the cybersecurity market, there is a growing societal need for AI security to protect AI systems themselves.
As more and more companies are introducing AI systems, it is becoming harder for them to adequately deal with unintentional data input/contamination and the massive data changes occurring continuously which leads to produce unexpected outputs.
To cope with these new risks facing AI, we have entered into a business alliance with Robust Intelligence* to promote the research and development of new data-driven risk solutions and products.
* In 2021, CB Insights named Robust Intelligence to the AI 100, the world's 100 most promising private AI companies.

2. Outline of Initiatives

Through our strategic partnership with Robust Intelligence, we will jointly research and develop solutions that will contribute to the popularization of AI security and raise awareness of the importance of this technology in coping with the new risks facing businesses and society as a whole. This alliance will allow our entire group, starting with Tokio Marine dR Co., Ltd*, to begin utilizing our know-how in the area of risk management.

*News Release (May 20, 2021):

 Start of business to create new value ~Launch of Core Data Company “Tokio Marine dR” ~

【The main areas of research and development】

Conduct research and development for:

  1. Popularizing and accelerating AI security efforts to enable businesses to introduce AI systems with managing risks.
  2. Developing new insurance products/services that utilize data related to AI security to provide greater safety.

3. Robust Intelligence Overview


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