February 3, 2022
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Introducing our Incredible ML Team!


Hey there 👋

My name is Bagatur.

I’m a machine learning engineer at Robust Intelligence.

I’m a big fan of what I do and who I do it with.

And in case that piques your interest, I thought I’d share a bit about my team and what we work on.

I’m part of the ML team. Pretty concise name if you ask me. Inevitably, there will come a day when we need to split into sub-teams, each with a name of its own. And while that’ll be a net positive, for now I really appreciate the cohesion and camaraderie of being a single unit.

The ML Team at RI is in charge of writing code that understands, tests, and protects machine learning models. A sampler of questions that capture our imagination:

  • How can we know where a model will fail or behave unexpectedly before it fails or behaves unexpectedly?
  • How can we detect these "bad" inputs in realtime? What can we do with them?
  • How can we do this for every kind of model?
  • How can we do this efficiently at scale?

To be honest, these are some pretty big, occasionally-intimidating questions. Making progress on them, and building a product before we have all the answers, requires a certain mindset. We’ve come to believe that some traits are must-haves:

😊  Kind, collaborative, and humble:) We love working together; it’s essential to our success.

🤯  Inquisitive. Curiosity is a builder’s superpower.

💩  Give a sh*t! Hard problems don’t solve themselves.

⚙️  Good engineer. For us, good ML requires good engineering.

👷‍♀️  Results driven. We're not here to build something that sounds cool, we're here to build something that creates value.

The last point is perhaps the least obvious. A lot of machine learning work is needlessly complex, often in service of making a person or product seem impressive. We believe complexity is to be reduced as much as possible. We like to start with simple hypotheses, naive solutions, tractable working models, and build on them iteratively if we see a need to.

However, perhaps the most important element is that work can and should be fun! We’re a hard-working but light-hearted bunch...

2022 is an exciting year for growth at RI, we are looking to bring on experienced ML engineers to develop cutting-edge AI security technologies in order to secure our customers’ ML deployments! Join me


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