Threat Intelligence Report

AI Cyber Threat Intelligence Roundup: Q1 2024

At Robust Intelligence, AI threat research is fundamental to informing the ways we evaluate and protect models on our platform. In a space that is so dynamic and evolving so rapidly, these efforts ensure that our customers are always protected against emerging vulnerabilities and adversarial techniques.

The quarterly threat roundup report consolidates the latest research and critical intel from our ongoing threat research efforts to share with the broader AI security community. It is not an exhaustive or all-inclusive list of AI cyber threats, but rather a curation assembled by our team to highlight what we believe are the most noteworthy and important findings.

In this report, you’ll find an in-depth analysis of several of the latest AI cyber threats with coverage that includes:

  • A summary of the threat, with relevant details around its discovery, execution, and impact
  • Actionable recommendations for controlling or mitigating threats
  • Mappings to leading AI threat taxonomies like MITRE ATLAS

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