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Our Story

Robust Intelligence was founded by academics at Harvard in 2019.

We realized that our research on adversarial machine learning could revolutionize the way commercial AI is built, making it much more robust and reliable. 

Since then, we’ve grown our team, welcoming those who previously built bleeding-edge AI systems at companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Uber. Together, we translate years of research and industry experience into our platform, RIME, that eliminates the risks inherent in AI systems.


Yaron Singer

Yaron is the CEO of Robust Intelligence and Professor of Computer Science and Applied Math at Harvard. Yaron is known for breakthrough results in machine learning, algorithms, and optimization. Previously, Yaron worked at Google Research and obtained his PhD from UC Berkeley.

Kojin Oshiba

Kojin is a co-founder of Robust Intelligence. Previously, Kojin was a machine learning engineer at QuantCo and a cofounder of its Japan branch. He has also written multiple papers on robust machine learning. Kojin received his BA in Computer Science and Statistics from Harvard.


Bill Coughran

Bill is a partner at Sequoia Capital. Bill has invested in many technology startups including Docker, Lightstep, Cohesity, FireEye, Orbital Insight. Formerly, he served as a SVP of Engineering at Google for 9 years. Bill received his BS and MS in Mathematics from CalTech and his MS and PhD in Computer Science from Stanford.

Ashmeet Sidana

Ashmeet is the Founder and Chief Engineer of Engineering Capital. His previous investments include Azure (NYSE: AZRE), Netsil (acquired by Nutanix), Palerra (acquired by Oracle), Freewheel (acquired by Comcast), InQuira (acquired by Oracle), Altor (acquired by Juniper), Appurify (acquired by Google), PrivateCore (acquired by Facebook).


Ram is the Founder & Managing Partner at Sherpalo Ventures. Ram was a founding board member and one of the first investors in Google, a member of the Netscape executive team and served as VP of Business Development at Amazon.

Alex Balkanski

Alex is a CEO at Picarro. Prior to Picarro, Alex was a managing partner at Benchmark Capital. Alex led C-Cube and DiviCom, two pioneering companies that drove the MPEG standard to dominance in consumer electronics and broadcasting.


Yoav is a Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at Stanford and a leading AI expert. He has founded several AI companies, including TradingDynamics (acquired by Ariba), Katango and Timeful (both acquired by Google), and AI21 Labs.

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