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Our Story

Robust Intelligence was founded in 2019.

Data science teams spend most of their time firefighting and debugging AI model failures in the absence of a product that protects and monitors AI models. This is a large burden for an organization and further, it is one that inhibits algorithm development and impedes scalability.

We realized that our research on robust machine learning could revolutionize the way commercial AI is built, making it much more robust and reliable.

To do this, we've been building the AI Firewall, a piece of software that learns from a specific model’s weaknesses and wraps around it to protect it from making mistakes. An AI Firewall is an idea that was considered an impossible AI problem until recently.

Creating robust machine learning models is hard. Our greatest asset on this journey is not in the deep technology, product, or business processes we create. It is our unique team and the culture we build every day. We translate years of research and industry experience into our platform.

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Our Founders

Yaron Singer

Yaron is the CEO of Robust Intelligence and Professor of Computer Science and Applied Math at Harvard. Yaron is known for breakthrough results in machine learning, algorithms, and optimization. Previously, Yaron worked at Google Research and obtained his PhD from UC Berkeley.

Kojin Oshiba

Kojin is a co-founder of Robust Intelligence. Previously, Kojin was a machine learning engineer at QuantCo and a cofounder of its Japan branch. He has also written multiple papers on robust machine learning. Kojin received his BA in Computer Science and Statistics from Harvard.

Meet Our Team

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